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  • Will the Winners Be Identified Online?
    We encourage all our winners to publicly promote what we are doing, we of course cannot force anybody to participate with our publicity. However, we will have to promote the winners name (initial Letter and Surname) and general location (e.g. Cork, Galway, Sligo). The Winner's Choice additional prize fund will have to be a public event and a cheque presentation will be required.
  • How does an Annual subscription work?
    An annual subscription allows you to choose the number of tickets you would like in each draw over the following 12 months. The amount will be automatically debited from your card on a monthly basis. Signing up for an annual subscription means you can take advantage of our special offer where you will receive 2 FREE tickets. *First Free Ticket in the 6th month draw. *Second Free Tickets in the 12th month draw. The annual subscription can be canceled at any time without penalty but, sadly you will not receive the free tickets.
  • Can I set up a regular payment each month so I don't miss a draw?
    Yes, you can select as many tickets in however many draws as you would like and pay in a lump sum (meaning you won't miss a draw, but you will be paying upfront) OR you can set up an annual subscription. An annual subscription allows you to choose the number of tickets you would like in each draw over the following 12 months and that amount will be automatically debited from your card on a monthly basis.
  • What is Eire Lottery?
    Eire Lottery is a registered charity which helps raise funds for amazing causes across Ireland, with all proceeds after prizes going to charities. We have a monthly jackpot of up to €25,000 with up to €3k and up to €2k runner up prizes. Great odds, no rollovers, just 3 lucky winners each month! In addition, the 1st prize winner gets to nominate their favourite charity to receive an additional €1,000 from us directly.
  • Can I play Eire Lottery if I don’t live in Ireland?
    The answer is yes! If you are living abroad but still have an Eircode in Ireland (i.e your home address, parent's address, etc.) that you are allowed to use then yes, you can enter and play Eire Lottery.
  • When do the Eire Lottery draws take place?
    Eire Lottery draws take place once a month, usually on or around the 13th, depending on the day. Our Lottery draw countdown timer on our homepage will let you know how many days, hours, minutes and even seconds until our next draw! :)
  • How much does it cost to enter?
    Each ticket costs just €3.00. All proceeds (after prizes) go to charity. You can also buy multiple tickets and increase your chances of winning, while helping deserving charities across Ireland.
  • Can more than one person with the same Eircode enter and be in with a chance of winning?
    Yes, our system generates a random three-digit extension for each Eircode entered. This extension will allow customers to purchase more than one ticket for each draw and also allows for more than one person within an Eircode address to purchase tickets.
  • What’s the extra €1,000 for when you win the Jackpot?
    If you are our lucky jackpot winner in any given month, we will give you the option to nominate a charity of your choice to receive a donation of €1,000 directly from us. This is what we call the "WINNERS CHOICE". The charity is totally up to you as long as it is a registered charity. It could be your local GAA team or a charity that is very close to your heart. Whatever charity it is we will give them €1,000 on your behalf (In addition to your winnings).
  • How does “Gifting a Ticket” work?
    To gift a ticket to friends, family, all you need to do is go into our “Gift a Ticket” area and you will be prompted to select how many tickets you would like to gift. You will then need to enter the recipient’s name and mobile number. Once the payment is complete, we will notify the person by text that they have received a gifted ticket. If they win, in order to claim their prize, they must register with Eire Lottery online.

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